Private Northern Lights Tours

A breathtaking view under the Northern Lights in Iceland


This package is a special Northern Lights tour hand-crafted by us. Explore Iceland’s countryside and the stunning Aurora dance with private guides, exclusive transports and luxury accommodation (special request).

Soak in the Northern Lights with a view of the classic sights. Your private guide will introduce you to all the best sights and scenery in the tour.

Dine at one of the best lobster restaurants in the South Coast, and an option to stay in the most luxurious hotels (special request), take on some “only in Iceland” activities. Different sights and people within Iceland will show you the perfect recipe to fall in love with Iceland.

Follow The Northern Lights – this is our signature northern lights tour and the best way to maximize your chances of seeing the northern lights while in Iceland.

The itinerary is super flexible as we only determine 1-2 days in advance where we travel and where we stay. We will let the short term aurora forecasts guide us to the region(s) or place(s) in Iceland that maximize our chances of catching the northern lights.

Longer tours in the same format are possible, by request – more days will increase our chances even further, and there is no shortage of exciting natural sights to discover in Iceland. But then, for logistical reasons we may not be able to hunt for the auroras in the regions that are furthest away from Reykjavik.

Please note that as the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, we cannot guarantee sightings.

Bring your camera if you have one. A tripod is pretty much necessary for quality shots of the lights, we will provide a tripod.
Dress appropriately for the weather. The northern lights are only visible in the wintertime, and the skies are usually clearest on the coldest nights

  • Hunting for Northern Lights
  • Lobster dinner
  • Comfort luxury jeep with free WiFi

Q: When do you decide if it’s a go or no go?
A: Usually between 5 and 6 pm on the same day – but if the weather forecast is either very good or very bad, we might make the decision sooner. The Northern Lights tours are very dependent upon weather; we need a clear sky or at least a break in the cloud cover as the auroras are in the outer layer of the atmosphere.

Q: Where do we go to see the Northern Lights?
A: Usually we go to the South Coast, but can change the route due to the forecast. We head out of the city, away from the lights and where there are no clouds to block the view.

Q: What are the northern lights?
A: The northern lights (Lat. aurora borealis) appear when electrically charged particles, emanating from the sun, travel at a high speed towards Earth resulting in a collision with the highest air particles. The different colours of the lights are in accordance with the different gases that are found up there. Most northern lights are green in colour, due to collision with oxygen.
Sometimes the colour-palette is more interesting, with purple, pink or even red tones.
The northern lights appear between 90 and 640 km above sea level -which is a lot higher than what many people can imagine. In comparison, airplanes usually fly around 10 km above sea level. When the northern lights are intense, it seems like they’re pretty close to Earth, but actually, they are not.

Q: Where can northern lights be seen?
A: The northern lights are a frequent sight in arctic/subarctic areas while the southern lights (Aurora Australis) appear in antarctic/subantarctic areas. The so-called auroral zone is in correlation with the geomagnetic poles, not the geographic poles.

Q: Are the northern lights visible throughout the year?
A: The northern lights are visible at high northern latitudes. Midnight sun during the summer is another well known characteristic of these northern areas, which means that visibility of northern lights during the summer is close to zero. As soon as it gets dark again, you can expect to see some spectacular northern lights.
In Iceland, there’s little amount of darkness from May to August. Aurorae can start to appear in late August, like they did last weekend. They’ll appear every now and then until mid-April.

Available: from Sept – April
Min: 2 people
Max: 4 people (Can be 5 or 6 persons if they are children, depending on their age)
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Departures: Daily around 18:30
Pickup: Free pick up in Reykjavik 20 – 30 min. before
Discount: 50% discount for children from 0-11 years old

– Private Northern lights tour
– Lobster dinner (no drink or dessert included)
– Hot chocolate and Icelandic chocolate
– Tripod for camera available during tour (should work for most camera types)
– Water bottles during tour
– Free WiFi during tour (this depends on connection of satellite network)
– Free pick up in Reykjavik area 20 – 30 min. before

Price: ISK. 42.900 per person.

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